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SCILL Documentation

SCILL is a data driven platform providing various services for developers. Today, these services include:

Challenges as a Service

Add challenges and referral programs to your app or game

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Battle Pass as a Service

Add another layer of monetization to your game with our Battle Pass System

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Coming soon:

  • Tournaments as a Service
  • Team and Alliance Management as a Service

All of these items share the same principles:

  • Easy to use Self-Service Admin Panel
  • Affordable prices
  • SDKs for most development environments like Web, Unity and Unreal
  • Easy to implement in any game or application

The Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is your place to setup your application, get your API key and add content to the services. In the Admin Panel you create your challenges and battle passes with easy to use editors. Analytics give you insight into the performance.

SCILL Playground

In our Playground application you can play around with challenges you have setup in the Admin Panel, you can send events and generate code for integration.

You’ll find the Playground app here:

Getting Started

Implementing SCILL is easy by using our SDKs. If you use another game engine or you have built your own, we have documented our REST-APIs in the API-Reference.


We have compiled a couple of examples and tutorials you can follow to understand the tools we provide and how to make use of them. We’ll also show code, examples and provide source code you can use as a starting point for your own integration.

Tetris (JavaScript)

We integrated various challenges into this React based browser Tetris game. Check out how we completely changed the game by just adding a couple of challenges to the game.

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Tanks (Unity)

We took this simple but fun open source Unity tank game and added challenges to it. Use our example code as a starting point for your own Unity based project.

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If you have questions try to find an answer in our FAQs. Otherwise, please contact our Tech-Support.