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SCILL is a data driven platform providing various services for developers. Today, these services include:

Challenges as a Service

Add challenges and referral programs to your app or game

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Battle Pass as a Service

Add another layer of monetization to your game with our Battle Pass System

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Leaderboards as a Service

Add flexible leaderboards to your app or game

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We have new features in the pipeline and will be rolled out in Q2 2021.

User profiles

You will be able to save and use user profiles and user data, including user metadata, user XP and levels.

User wallets

A blockchain-based user wallet system will be used to guarantee the authenticity and history of user wallet states. An inventory module based on the same principle will be built later on.

These features are planned to be rolled out in Q3 2021.


Achievements leverage SCILLs powerful challenge eco-system. They track in real-time and are updated on client-side. You don’t need to track the progress in your application. Just send events, setup challenges in the admin p and we take care of the rest.


Our powerful voice solution empowers developers to integrate voice into games and applications easily and is built on the latest technology available: HTTP3.

These features are planned to be rolled out in Q4 2021.


A tournaments module will enable you to create knock-out competitions where you can reward the best performers. Matching the players in a head-to-head competition will increase the user retention and engagement

Value proposition


Admin Panel, extensive documentation and easy to use tools. If you don’t want to, you don’t need to talk to anyone to implement SCILL into your application or service.

Affordable prices

No server costs or traffic, no administration required. Fixed prices for piece of mind for smaller companies and individuals and pay what you use pricing for larger companies and enterprises.


Easy to use SDKs for all major programming languages and game engines and well-documented REST-APIs including public OpenAPI specification.


Robust and reliable APIs with long-term support being aligned with release cycles of Unity and Unreal.

Designed to scale

Create as many challenges as you like and send as many events as you like. We operate a world-wide net of nodes. Traffic is automatically routed to the best available location.


You can test SCILL without any coding or signing up. We have created sample challenges, and an interactive guide to experience SCILL and to learn how everything works together. Just open our Playground application in your browser. Open Playground

The Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is your place to setup your application, get your API key and add content to the services. In the Admin Panel you create your challenges and battle passes with easy to use editors. Analytics give you insight into the performance.

SCILL Playground

In our Playground application you can play around with challenges you have setup in the Admin Panel, you can send events and generate code for integration.

You’ll find the Playground app here:

Getting Started

Implementing SCILL is easy by using our SDKs. If you use another game engine or you have built your own, we have documented our REST-APIs in the API-Reference.


We have compiled a couple of examples and tutorials you can follow to understand the tools we provide and how to make use of them. We’ll also show code, examples and provide source code you can use as a starting point for your own integration.

Tetris (JavaScript)

We integrated various challenges into this React based browser Tetris game. Check out how we completely changed the game by just adding a couple of challenges to the game.

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Tanks (Unity)

We took this simple but fun open source Unity tank game and added challenges to it. Use our example code as a starting point for your own Unity based project.

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If you have questions try to find an answer in our FAQs. Otherwise, please contact our Tech-Support.